About Good Diction

Music should be A) fun and B) meaningful. Inspired by Odetta, the Kinks and church music, Good Diction is bold, wild rhythm-and-blues-grass. The band is uncompromising in the belief that music should be taken to logical extremes — the soft songs should be soft, the loud songs should be loud, the sad songs sad and the beautiful songs beautiful. Good Diction is a testament to music-as-community. Each rehearsal begins with a meal and time to relax — the music has brought the band, friends, and families closer together.

Good Diction plays regularly in Minneapolis, MN and has recorded four albums: The Queen’s English (2012), Good[er] Diction (2014), Victory (2016) and Benediction (December 3, 2017).

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Our Members

Peter Bodurtha Guitar, vocals
Julie Bodurtha Drums
Grant Adams Bass
Stacy Griffin Violin, vocals
Rob Martin Mandolin, vocals
John Eckhardt Keys